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Casey Cash Talks Child Care

When Casey Cash found out that for every $1 Congress invests in child care, the economy gets $7 back, he had to tell the world. Casey Cash – he’s “only interested in investments with big returns.”

Crashing a Kids Birthday Party to Learn More About Child Care

Valuing child care means valuing child care professionals – and kids deserve high-quality, affordable child care. Join the movement to learn more.

Uncle Sam on Affordable, Quality Child Care For All

Uncle Sam wants YOU to support quality, affordable child care for all. Take it from Uncle Sam: Quality, affordable child care isn’t a partisan issue.

Family Advocates Make a Difference: Avonda Fox

Child Care Aware® of America family advocate Avonda Fox shares the story of her son Jacob, and why it’s important for child care providers to have background checks.

CCAoA: Parents and the High Cost of Child Care

Child Care Aware® of America Executive Director Lynette Fraga, Ph.D., shares highlights from the 2015 parents and High Cost of Child Care Report.

CCAoA Envisions a Bright Future for Child Care

The Child Care Aware® of America board of directors discuss CCAoA’s vision for a bright future in child care and early childhood education.

Family Advocates Make a Difference: Melissa Hudson

Child Care Aware® of America family advocate Melissa Hudson shares her family’s struggle finding trying to afford the cost of child care for her three children as a military servicemember.

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