Baby’s First
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August 2017 | Across the U.S.

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Our Commitment

Child Care Works

We are committed to improving child care through legislative victories, policy solutions, and shifting public opinion. Our vision for Child Care Works is to build a movement of engaged supporters to advocate for child care at the local, state, and federal level.

About Us

We are uniting people to build a child care system that works for all families.

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Together We Can

“Child Care Works is our latest grassroots initiative to raise our voice together about the need for a child care system that works for all families. Join us today because together we can make child care work.”

Lynette M. Fraga
Lynette M. Fraga, Ph.D.

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We are championing policy solutions to help support working families, and holding lawmakers accountable so that child care becomes the national priority it deserves to be.

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Change Policies

America must prioritize and invest in a child care system that works for all families.

victorious child with plastic letters and a spiral-bound notepage, looking forward and raising his arms in the air

Fight for Fairness

No one should have to choose between their child and their paycheck.

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Invest now in America’s families and the Child Care Works movement.

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