2019 Child Care Works Summit

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you applying to join us in D.C. as a family advocate, but have questions? Don’t worry, we have answers!


About the Event

What are the dates for the event?

  • Training sessions take place April 3, 8 am – approximately 6 pm, with an evening reception afterward.
  • Day on the Hill is April 4 and begins around 8 am and ends around 4 pm, depending on your scheduled appointments.
  • Selected family advocates should plan to be flown in on April 2 (late afternoon or early evening).
  • Depending on where you are coming in from, you may be asked to stay over in DC until the morning of April 5 so you can attend all your appointments with lawmakers.

Where will I stay?

The Sheraton Pentagon City is our venue for the 2019 Child Care Works Summit. If you are a selected family advocate, Child Care Aware of America will cover the cost of the hotel, though you may be asked to put down a credit card for incidentals and potential room damage. 

Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel
900 S Orme St.
Arlington, VA 22204
Phone: (703)521-1900

How many people will attend this event?

This year’s event is smaller than usual, with just one full day of sessions for advocates and other attendees, plus a day on Capitol Hill for appointments with lawmakers. We’re estimating between 10-12 family advocates through the application process, and then another 16 family advocates from some of our funded state projects. We’ll also have a larger group of CCR&R and early childhood education professionals. The total attendance will be under 200 people.

What should I wear?

For the Child Care Works Summit: You can wear business casual clothing or casual if you prefer to be comfortable. Please note that CCR&R attendees will likely be wearing business or business casual attire and we’ll be joining them for parts of the event, so if you are uncomfortable in casual dress around others in business attire, please take that into account.

For Day on the Hill: For meetings with lawmakers, you should wear business attire or dressier business casual. Please plan your outfit for this day accordingly. Most importantly – please wear comfortable shoes. Day on the Hill is A LOT of walking. There will be buses from the hotel to the Capitol and back, but some of the buildings for your appointments may be far apart.

How do I set up my meetings with members of Congress?

You don’t! Once you are selected as a Family Advocate, our government relations team will start scheduling your meetings on the Hill with your lawmakers. Please note that if there are staff from a local Resource and Referral Agency in your state at Symposium, they will likely attend your meetings with you for Day on the Hill. You may also (or instead of R&R staff) be joined by a staff person from CCAoA. We’re here to help you with talking points and be your back up if you get stuck, but the most important part of these meetings is sharing your personal story with your elected officials. Don’t worry, we’ll be practicing that with you so that you’re ready!

Family Advocate Application Process

Who is eligible to be a family advocate with us in DC this year?

  • Parents, grandparents, legal guardians, concerned community members, etc.
  • Because this year’s event is much smaller than usual, we will be giving preference on applications to family advocates over child care providers. That doesn’t mean providers shouldn’t apply anyway, we encourage anyone interested in advocating with us to fill out the application. 

When is my application due? And when will I find out if I’ve been selected?

The family advocate application time period will be very short to allow for time for selected advocates to fundraise (more on that below):

  • Application goes live on Tuesday, January 15.
  • Applications are due by midnight on Monday, January 21 (Martin Luther King Day).
  • We will notify selected family advocates on Friday, January 25 by email.
  • Selected family advocates will be asked to commit to fundraising at least $300, and there will be a webinar the week of January 28 on the peer-to-peer fundraising platform. (If you cannot attend, the webinar will be recorded.)

What is this I hear about fundraising?

CCAoA is asking all accepted family advocates to commit to fundraising at least $300 toward their trip. We will provide a digital, peer-to-peer fundraising platform, and offer a webinar training (which will be recorded) to help you get set up. CCAoA will offer sample language for your fundraising pages, as well as sample posts for sending to friends, family, and colleagues, and for sharing on social media. 

Any money over $300 raised by an individual will be added to the general scholarship fund for family advocates for the 2019 Child Care Works Summit. 

How many family advocates will be selected this year?

  • We plan to select 10-12 family advocates from around the country. One advocate per state, with the exception of project funded states. (Those states, listed below, allow for two advocates from each state.)
  • Funded states will likely include: Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Kansas.
  • If you are from a funded state, you should still apply through the regular process so we can let your state CCR&R know of your interest. That will help them select their own advocates.

Logistics for Food, Expenses, Travel, Guests, etc.

As a selected family advocate, can I bring a guest with me?

  • Due to funding this year, all accepted family advocates are being asked to pledge to fundraise at least $300. With our limited funding this year, we’re unable to cover any additional guests, spouses, children, or family. If a selected advocate wants to bring someone with them they will need to cover the total expense for the trip for the additional attendee, including travel, hotel (if staying in a separate room), conference registration, and meals. They are more than welcome to join the Day on the Hill meetings though, and can attend the trainings and sessions as long as they are a registered attendee for the conference.
  • Contact Chrisi (Chrisi.West@usa.childcareaware.org) or Jillian (Jillian.Doody@usa.childcareaware.org) if you would like to see a breakdown of predicted estimated expenses.

How will I get to Washington, DC?

  • CCAoA staff will work with you to book your flights to and from DC, unless you would like to book and pay for your own travel arrangements. 
  • If you live nearby you are welcome to take a train or bus. CCAoA staff will work with you to book those modes of transportation as well, unless you want to book and pay for them on your own.
  • If you are within driving distance you can drive yourself to Washington, DC. CCAoA will not be doing reimbursements for gas or mileage, but will cover parking for the duration of the event at the hotel.

How will I get to the hotel from the airport?

  • The hotel has a shuttle that runs to and from DCA (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport) for free. If you are flying in to DC, please fly in to DCA.

Can my spouse or guest attend Summit and Hill Day events for free with me?

  • If you have chosen to bring a guest with you at your own expense, they can attend all the Child Care Works Summit sessions with you as long as they are a registered conference attendee. Regardless of whether or not they attended the Summit events, they are more than welcome to join you at your Day on the Hill appointments. Please reach out to Jillian (Jillian.Doody@usa.childcareaware.org) or Chrisi (Chrisi.West@usa.childcareaware.org) if you have additional questions about what is included in conference registration versus being unregistered.

Do I need spending money?

  • Yes. CCAoA is providing no reimbursements or daily stipends for family advocates this year, so you will need some spending money. 
  • Items you may need to cover yourself, and should consider when applying as a family advocate:
    • Cabs or Ubers to the airport in your home state.
    • Parking at the airport in your home state. 
    • Some meals (noted below)
    • You may be asked for a credit card at the hotel. This is for incidentals and any room charges you may incur while you are here, or damage done to the room. Your room itself will be covered by Child Care Aware of America, but you should be prepared with a credit card upon check-in. If you don’t charge anything to your room during your stay, your card will not be charged after you check out.
  • What we cover and you don’t need to pay for:
    • Breakfast, lunch, and heavy hors d’oeuvres will be provided on April 3, and breakfast on April 4 before you head to Capitol Hill. This means you will need to cover dinner when you get to DC on April 2, dinner if you are still hungry after the reception on April 3, and then lunch and dinner are on your own for Hill Day (April 4).
    • There is a hotel shuttle between DCA (Washington National Airport) and the Sheraton Pentagon City, so you do not need to worry about transportation while in DC.
    • CCAoA is providing buses from the hotel to the Capitol and back for Day on the Hill. 
    • CCAoA will design, edit and layout your personal family advocate one-pagers and will provide you with copies to take to your Hill Day appointments.

Can I leave on April 4 after my meetings on the Hill?

  • Yes, unless we are unable to get you a later flight out that day. In that case we are asking you to stay until the morning of April 5 so you can make all of your scheduled appointments with lawmakers.