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Family Advocacy Sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I stay?

The Washington Court Hotel will host the 2017 Child Care Aware® of America Policy Summit and associated Child Care Works Family Advocacy Summit.

Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill
525 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, D.C., 20001

If you are selected as a parent advocate, we’ve got your hotel expenses covered. (See section on FAQ’s for Selected Parent and Family Advocates for more information.)

Who should attend the Policy Summit/Apply to the Family Advocacy Summit?

  • Parents, grandparents, legal guardians, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • Community advocates for early childhood education

Also in attendance will be:

  • Government and state network agencies
  • Child care and education community advocates
  • Child care and education consultants
  • Industry suppliers of products and services
  • Child care research professionals
  • Child care education and academic professionals
  • Child care providers
  • Students
  • Family members (e.g., parents and grandparents)
  • Universities
  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses
  • State and national coalition partners

How many people will attend?

Each year we convene a group of several hundred parents, community leaders, and advocates in Washington, D.C. as part of our Advocacy Summit.

If you are selected as a parent advocate, you will be sponsored. If you have a spouse, they are permitted to join you (hotel and meetings), though CCAoA cannot cover their travel and food expenses.

How do I set up my meetings with members of Congress?

Once you are selected as a sponsored parent, or you register as an attendee, our government relations team will assist you with organizing and scheduling your meetings on the Hill one month prior.

What if I can’t attend the entire time?

We can work with you. The last day of the Summit is the most important — it is our annual Day on The Hill event. We want to ensure that you are fully equipped with the tools and information you need to be successful in your meetings on Capitol Hill.

FAQs for Selected Parent and Family Advocates

Will my guest have to pay for a flight/train ticket?

No. They will attend as your guest, sponsored by Child Care Aware of America.

Can my guest attend Family Advocacy Summit and Policy events for free with me?


Will my guest’s food be covered?

Short answer, yes. We are going to dinner Tuesday night as a group. Child Care Aware® of America will pay for everyone (including guests). They can attend the Family Advocacy Project meetings, the Summit, and stay with you in your hotel room.

Do I need spending money?

Maybe! We will cover your food on Monday, all the way through dinner after Day on the Hill preparation. We will also have a light breakfast on Tuesday morning before our day on Capitol Hill.

After Hill Day/when your meetings end, food is on you. However, we will reimburse you and mail you a check for said expenses.

Can I leave on Tuesday after my meetings on the Hill?

Yes, we will do our best to book you a flight/train that accommodates this request.

Can I sit next to my guest on the train/plane? Can I have the same ticket as my guest?

It depends on the availability. We do not have the power to force assigned seating on planes and trains. When you arrive at the airport, perhaps you can ask the airline staff.

You may be able to book the same ticket, if there are still tickets available. We will book the tickets during our one-on-one calls.